Ice Ball Maker

Enjoy a cold drink the way you like it when you use the ROX 4.5 cm Ice Ball Maker. Made from an impressive silicone blend, these trays provide the molded ice you need without an off putting after taste of plastic. The lack of plastic means there is no absorption of bisphenol A (BPA) present, which is toxic at high levels. The ROX Ice Ball maker mold creates 4.5 cm spherical shaped balls using slow-melt ice cube technology. The shape, in tandem with the small surface area, causes water molecules to cohere to each other for longer periods than they do when standard ice trays are used. This results in longer lasting ice, which is less likely to alter the flavor of your drink through melting. The shape of the molds and the opti-smart fill line contribute to prevention of spills as the adhesion of molecules to undesirable areas of the mold is not facilitated. This also ensures that the effect of freezing targets the ice and not the tray, so not only does your ice freeze faster, but you also don’t need to put large amounts of effort into removing your ice balls from the tray when you need them. Each of these beautifully designed trays facilitates four ice balls to meet your needs.

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