Giant Canvas Teepee, 6′

Give your child/children the feeling of a playhouse that spells adventure with this pentagon shaped Teepee. The Trademark Innovations Giant Teepee is a 6’ pentagon shaped structure that is perfect for children ages four and up. The Teepee is made using cotton cloth and a special kind of wood known as New Zealand Pine. This wood has its origins in the United States, however, it is now a trademark of New Zealand as the climate there is more conducive to its development. The wood is used in numerous applications due to its strong nature and affordable cost. It is also durable and does not require special conditions for maintenance. This is what makes the material perfect for a children’s playhouse as they can have their fun without your having to worry about the teepee falling or about the wood becoming weakened. Note that the cotton blend used in the Trademark Innovations Giant Teepee is resistant to scratches and tears if it is mounted outside. It is also receptive to paint and so it allows your child/children to get creative with color. Note that the teepee has gone through an accredited testing process and is recognized by the Consumer Product Safety Commission as a child safe toy.

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