Revolutionary Color Blending Pens offer 1128 color combinations


Go wild with creative color blends that you could previously only imagine, when you use the Chameleon Fineliner Pen. Color combinations are not new to the Chameleon line; however, this is an ergonomic, fine point, Japanese pen. Such a design allows for comfort and protection against discomfort from writing or drawing fatigue over long periods, and it also allows for precision lines, which is bound to please you whether you’re an artist or a casual user. The pen possesses 48 unique primary, secondary, and tertiary colors that can blend in various proportions to give 1,128 unique permutations. While some of these colors may appear similar, variations in the shade spectrum give rise to many of the new colors that are generated. The ink used in the Chameleon Fineliner Pen is a water-based, dry safe blend. This means that unlike inks that are gel based, there is no risk of seeping through the paper and affecting multiple pages in a stack. The ink is also washable from surfaces that can accommodate water, and it remains in its liquid form even if the pen goes a couple days without being covered. The numerous color variations and potential applications are bound to bring out the creative genius in you.

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